01 June 2011

the SHOES!

i can't believe my sister-in-law's wedding is in a week and a half! i wanted to show you just how much i love her...

these are the bridesmaids shoes...
sold out in pink, still available in black through www.macys.com

first of all, yes, they are fabulous! we're all wearing long metallic dark gray dresses so you'll just catch a glimpse of them peeking out the bottom as we walk and think of the cute pictures!

back in april, the bridesmaids dresses were ordered but we still didn't know what we were doing for shoes. then my sister-in-law bought these shoes to wear to her bridal shower. of course we all loved them but at the time they were $90. oh, too bad because we would totally wear them for the wedding. but $90 is just too much to spend on shoes. well, then they went on sale...

i don't know if you can tell from the picture but these adorable shoes have 4 inch heels. for those of you who know me, i am not really a heel person. in college i wore huge platform shoes (even while working at a busy restaurant for 8 hour shifts! ah, to be young). at the time i had a bit of a complex about my height (i'm just under 5 feet tall) so the taller the shoe the better. yeah, i got over that. now that i am chasing a 25-lb toddler, i alternate between flip-flops, sneakers, uggs, proper restaurant shoes (non-skid soles and all), flats and the occasional sandals or sling-backs with a very low heel.

i'm a little afraid of walking in 4 inch heels. in a long dress. outside. and did i mention we'll be on grass? oh, and there are 2 stairs involved?!

i wouldn't be strapping these to my feet for just anyone... yes, i will be practicing in them and yes, i look crazy tall in them (5-foot-4 woo-hoo!). i keep telling myself i just have to get down the aisle and back, stand for the ceremony, stand for the pictures and then i got these 3 1/2-inch platform flip-flops to change into from victoria's secret (in fuchsia) which are super comfortable:

wish me luck on those stairs!

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