23 January 2013

a handwritten note for you...


* for more information about National Handwriting Day and its sponsor, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), visit their website www.WIMA.com

* i apologize for any typos and/or spelling errors (no spellcheck!)

* i also apologize for anyone reading this on their cell - i hope it's legible!

* the ironic thing is that i wrote this in the morning and it took me until now to find the time to upload it to my computer and post!

07 January 2013

happy new year!

2012 was pretty eventful and now i'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring! i know i don't usually get into TOO many personal details here, but let me quickly bring you up to speed. so, this happened...

anabella gilda centofanti  ~  born 7/14/12  ~  8lbs, 13 oz  ~  21 inches

my laid-back and sweet older daughter (luciana) did nothing to prepare me for the arrival of this little firecracker of a baby girl. aside from her wreaking havoc on my petite self during the pregnancy (back pain pretty much from day 1, constantly thinking, "why do you have so many elbows?!", plus i gained 10 more pounds than i did the first time around), i had false labor pains for almost 4 weeks before my eventual induction, which was a week after my due date. did i mention she was almost 9 pounds?! she was the biggest baby in the nursery (by a LOT) and i'm the size of an average 6th grader so i was pretty shocked (my doctor was too).

my 3 1/2 year old was very content as a baby. she would just sit back and observe everything. she was a late roller, late crawler, late walker. she was just happy with whatever was within her reach (even if it was playing with her own feet). anabella is the exact opposite. 

my type-A husband wanted a junior and he got one - in anabella. she's very curious and motivated and gets bored easily. starting when she was only a few weeks old i noticed that she preferred to be out and about and she still doesn't like to be in the same place for too long. now she's 6 months old and she can move (roll), so she's constantly trying to explore and grab (and eat) EVERYTHING she sees. she's usually squealing and giggling and happy but then she can go from zero to screeching in an instant.

luciana is the gentle, nurturing, proud older sister. there is nothing better than watching them play together. 


so 2012 was spent focusing on my family and adjusting to life with 2 kids. i'm hoping in 2013 to also find some time for my business and this blog. i know i have to organize my time better (damn you facebook and pinterest!) and also let go of my need for perfection. especially here. i have so many posts i have started and abandoned because they weren't worded just right or i didn't have the perfectly edited photo to go with it. i really have to learn to let go. i'm sure my new camera from santa (canon EOS rebel T3i!!!!!) will come in handy and will make up for my lack of photoshop skills.

even though i haven't documented it here (yet), i have done lots of creative projects this year. stay tuned for posts about luciana's grover-themed birthday party, our halloween costumes, anabella's birth announcements, our christmas cards... well, don't want to give it all away now do i?

ok, one more pic of my girls. aren't they the cutest?

luciana really did fall asleep curled up on this chair, after i was done taking pictures for my christmas card. of course i had to take a few more pics before i moved her to her bed!