01 February 2012

where does the time go...?

i can't believe my last post was about halloween! it's funny because i am constantly writing in my head. i always have so much to say and everything is worded perfectly until i'm actually in front of a computer. then my brain pretty much shuts off and i spend too much time reading other blogs or online shopping (well, browsing - i don't ever buy anything) or on various social network sites.

i've had a couple of completed design projects since october but the main thing i have going on is....

i'm pregnant!

i actually found out right around halloween so i'm about 4 months along, due at the beginning of july. my main goal with this blog is to talk about my various creative projects (a term which i use pretty loosely) so i don't really plan on detailing all the various stages of this pregnancy. i love reading it in other blogs (actually, it's ALL i'm reading about these days - is everyone preggo?) but sharing everything i'm going through just isn't me. i'm sure little things will come up here & there. and of course i plan on sharing nursery ideas, birth announcement designs & various other baby-related artsy things. we find out next week whether it's a boy or a girl so i'll be sure to share that news. i might also tell the story about when we found out we were having a girl the first time around, since it's a pretty cool story & it was a pretty unique way to find out. maybe i'll work on that for next week.

i'll try not to let another 3 months go by without writing!