23 April 2011

happy easter! (and why i hate white chocolate)

i love easter. i have a sweet tooth anyway so you can imagine how i feel about a holiday involving chocolate bunnies and cadbury cream eggs! however, easter is also the reason that i cannot stand white chocolate...

as a kid i would wake up easter morning and there would be a huge basket of goodies at the foot of my bed. my mom was pretty strict with the amount of sugary things in our house so the baskets were mostly toys and maybe a small chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. i can sympathize now, i'm a parent and i also put together easter baskets for my nieces and nephews (5 all together). less sugar, more toys for all the kids is perfectly fine by me! but i grew up in a house where coca cola was such a treat that my brothers and i would mix it with milk to make it last longer (seriously!).

there was one easter in particular that sticks out in my mind. i was probably around 7 or 8, young enough to feel the magic and surprise of finding that easter basket in my room when i woke up but old enough to know that my mom had snuck in my room and placed it there while i was sleeping. that particular morning i tore right into that basket and immediately found what i was looking for - my chocolate bunny! i remember it distinctly, it was white and shiny and the box had an alice in wonderland theme. that was as much as i saw before i ripped open the box bit the ears off. it took me a few seconds of chewing before i realized something was wrong. i had ever eaten white chocolate before but it was chocolate just the same, so why did it taste rotten? i spit out the huge bite, picked up the discarded box and actually read it... alice and wonderland SOAP!!! wait, what?!?! ok mom, first of all, why would you give a kid SOAP as any kind of gift anyway. second of all, if you are going to give a kid soap in an EASTER basket, why would you chose the MARCH HARE?!? i wouldn't have bit the head off of alice! if you put a bunny in my easter basket, i'm going to eat it! i've tried to eat white chocolate since then and it still grosses me out. which is fine, it's not even real chocolate anyway...

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